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The Perfect Place for Your Church Group Retreat

We love to welcome church groups for respite, connection, and fellowship.  We have long hosted pastors, missionaries, youth groups, and networks for church retreats and getaways.  We know this time is special and purposeful for you.


Let us help you coordinate your time by arranging catering for your meals, or do them on your own for team building and a little friendly competition!  All activities and excursions on our properties are available to your group while you are with us.


We are happy to help with any technology needs for meetings or you can be as “tech-free” as possible at our remote locations.  We make it a priority to pray for your group while you are with us. We pray that your time is restorative and purposeful and always uplifting.

Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common.” —Acts 4:32, The Holy Bible.


Are you planning an event for your church group? Texas Family Reunions can accommodate sleeping space for 20-60 with meeting space of up to 200. Contact us for details.

Questions about Family Reunions?

We have sleeping space for 20-60 individuals and meeting space for up to 200. Contact us for details.

To make your stay as enjoyable as possible, we offer catering services for an additional fee.